Thursday, July 25, 2013

Keep On Watching

Unlike Tuesday night, when I had a myriad of other things to do while the Mets game was on, I was not so busy last night, and thus I ended up paying attention to what ended up being an eminently forgettable Mets game, or at least I paid attention as much as a Mets fan could stand paying attention to a game as terrible as this one.

The Mets did nothing offensively against Tim Hudson, unless you count David Wright breaking his bat over his own head, and that was merely offensive to watch. Jeremy Hefner, who has apparently turned back into a pumpkin (quite literally, when you consider the garish orange uniforms the Mets were wearing), got bludgeoned for the second consecutive start at the hands of a division rival. Once again, Hefner was victimized by multiple mammoth Home Runs, leaving him to mope around the mound with a Shaun Marcum-like puss on his face. Once his 3rd Home Run of the night, surrendered to Overrateton Simmons, landed in the seats, Terry Collins, who was trying to squeeze that 5th inning out of him, could take no more and removed him from the game.

Here's where I probably should have tuned out altogether. But noooooo. I instead toddled around on my computer for a bit, perhaps in some blind hope that the game would suddenly be over. When I looked up, things were still going on, and then, of course, things got delayed by the horrific-looking injury to Tim Hudson (what nobody's talking about here is that stone-brained Bitch Freeman probably could have saved his pitcher had he bothered to try and field the ball cleanly), which, after seeing the replay once, I couldn't bear to watch again. As a victim of multiple ankle injuries, that's generally the one type of injury I really hate seeing. And this one looked particularly bad, and there was absolutely nothing Eric Young could have done to avoid it. But, late word is that Hudson has a fractured ankle, which certainly doesn't seem quite as severe as the injury looked to be. Of course, it's also easy to say that when I only watched it on TV.

That having put a damper on the evening from the standpoint of either team, I felt somewhat obligated to see the rest of the game just in case someone had anything to say about Hudson. Lord knows nobody was going to have anything good to say about the Mets on this night.

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