Friday, May 31, 2013

This Crap Again?!

Man, talk about the highs of winning and the lows of losing. After reaching the apex of their season this week by sweeping the Subway Series from the Yankees, the Mets went down to Miami to play the horrible Mickey Mouse Marlins and apparently turned back into a pumpkin en route, because their display tonight was pretty much indistinguishable from every other performance they had from about April 20th through last Sunday. No offense, no hope.

I know that Keith and Gary were talking about maybe the long plane ride after the late finish of last nights' game taking the wind out of their sails, but let's be realistic here. The Mets are playing the Marlins. The Marlins right now are drawing comparisons to the 1962 Mets for utter ineptitude and hopelessness. If such a thing is possible as to have looked worse than the Mets this season, the Marlins have done it, and done it in spades. And yet, for reasons I'm clearly just not meant to understand, the Mets turn into complete assholes every time they see the Marlins. The Marlins have a winning record against one team this season: The Mets, with 4 wins in 7 games. And these aren't just wins, these are usually exercises in torture.

Tonight, it was Jacob Turner who did it to the Mets. Remember Jacob Turner? Yeah, neither do I. But here he was, making his season's debut and sticking the bats up the Mets asses. Shaun Marcum actually held the line just fine, at least until he didn't in the 7th inning, when his luck ran out and he had a Jon Niese inning, where the Marlins get one solid hit and then 4 dying quails, and the whole thing snowballs out of control and 1 run is all of a sudden 4 runs, and the game is out of reach.

Conveniently, Marcum had a Jon Niese inning tonight, because the bitch of all of this is that Niese is missing his start tomorrow. Instead, the Mets will try to break this Marlins hex with Collin McHugh, who was last seen putting forth the kind of performances that make Jeremy Hefner look good. The Marlins will counter with Jose Fernandez, who might be the only reason a Marlins fan might pay attention at all. This doesn't bode well for the Mets. You know, I was really starting to believe that the Mets might be past this. Even though they weren't hitting a ton against the Yankees, they were hitting enough, and if they were hitting enough against the Yankees, why, then, do they go back in the tank against the awful Marlins? This should have been a springboard. Think about it. Yankees/Marlins, Marlins/Yankees...Does not compute.

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