Monday, May 20, 2013

Missed Again

Once again, the Mets have made their season's visit to Wrigley Field, and once again, I managed to see none of the three games, or at least none of them while they were being played.

Although I did hear the game on Friday in my office, I was in my office again on Saturday and Sunday for a variety of reasons and did not have my radio on. In fact, on Saturday, I found myself busy enough that I forgot there was a game altogether, only realizing what was going on when I got the ESPN ScoreCenter buzz on my phone telling me that the game was over and how I'd missed very little. I suppose it's fortunate that I didn't see the game because from what I can tell, it would have only made me annoyed and launch into another tirade about how terrible Jeremy Hefner is. Although he's had some "respectable" outings this season, I'm still not convinced. Pitching 4 innings, giving up 4 runs and coming away from an outing against the lousy Cubs with a record of 0-5 and an ERA of 5.00 is not inspiring of anything but the overwhelming sentiment that when it's time for Zack Wheeler to ascend, Jeremy Hefner will not be spared (Ok, ok. So I had a tirade even without having seen him).

Sunday, I was also in my office and again, I knew there was a game, but for whatever reason I just didn't bother putting on my radio, and I was actually in transit by time the Mets rallied back to win the game. So, what I most likely missed was another rather unexciting performance from Dillon Gee in which he apparently gave up a Home Run to the opposing pitcher and did very little to distinguish himself. I still think Dillon Gee is a step up from Jeremy Hefner, but at this point I'm not sure how much of a step up it is; though Gee had started to make a step forward in 2012 before he got hurt, he's done nothing to build on that success. But, at least he's won a game this season, which is more that you can say about Hefner. Additionally, today, he did keep the Mets in the game long enough for them to come back thanks to the lightning-like Home Run from Juan Lagares in the 7th and Daniel Murphy's winner in the 8th.

So, Chicago has come and gone for the Mets. They'll be back in late June, but only to play the White Sox, in a midweek series that ensures I'll be able to watch the games. But outside of a few innings of the replay of Friday's game, I once again successfully avoided an entire series of games in Wrigley Field. I'm not proud of this fact, but that's how things work out.

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