Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Working Man's Special

It's no real secret around here that I a) prefer to attend Weekday Night games as opposed to Weekend games and b) prefer to listen to games on the radio than watch on TV (although now that I have cable, perhaps that has changed). But, as often happens during the course of the Baseball season, there are often games where I'm not home, and even more often, games that go on while I'm at work.

This can create some tricky situations. My office is, in general, a rather bizarre place where people tend to ask me questions rather than find their own answers, give me pieces of information that I either already knew or handled several hours or days ago, and just generally pile into my office without regard for the fact that I might actually be working and need quiet. I try to diffuse this by putting on the George Costanza "angry work face," streaming WFAN online and drowning people out.

When the Mets are on during the day, this is no different. Today is one such day. Annoyingly, MLB has had this prohibition on streaming games online, unless you pay for their subscriber service. I could do this, but instead, I've opted to go the old-fashioned route of keeping a pocket radio in my desk for these such occasions.

However, this doesn't seem to be a deterrent for most people The distractions, of course, are unavoidable, and often times I find I've lost track of who's up, or what the score is, but at least I'm aware of what's going on.

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