Monday, April 9, 2012

Who's Got It Better Than Us?!

To refresh some memories, I should mention that, despite being a native New Yorker who has never been to the West Coast, I happen to root for the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL.

After about a decade's worth of general mediocrity, the 2011 49ers came out and won 13 games, taking their fans on a wild ride that took them within an Overtime game of the Super Bowl. Their head coach, Jim Harbaugh, himself known for many comebacks as an NFL player, was known to gather up the team following each game, win or lose, and lead them in the rallying cry, "WHO'S GOT IT BETTER THAN US!!!"

After 3 games, the Mets are 3-0. Who would have thought that? Jim Harbaugh's rallying cry seems to be just as apropos for the Mets and their fans right now.

Yes, there are still 159 games to go, and yes, odds are this won't last. But, hey, when you can open your season by sweeping a division rival and making them look hung over from their own miserable finish last season in the process, you can't help but enjoy it and maybe even feel a little cocky. It's sweetened even more by the 0-3 start by that other team in town.

The Mets haven't seemed this positive in quite a while. In fact, things seem to be so positive that I actually heard a caller on Mike Francesa's show this afternoon who was actually defending and--believe it or not--commending the Wilpons!

It was pretty important for the Mets to get off to a fast start to the season. Given everything that has gone on, it's easy to dismiss the Mets as irrelevant. They may still end up being irrelevant when all is said and done. But for now, these guys can do no wrong. Who cares about holes in the roster when Daniel Murphy is hitting close to .500 and Lucas Duda is hitting mammoth HRs all over the place, and Frank Francisco is untouchable? Right now, everything is nice and rosy pink, and if it keeps up, Citi Field isn't going to be dudsville. Every day will be like Opening Day at Keith's Grill, where the line for Mexburgers resembled the line at Shake Shack.

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