Monday, April 16, 2012

Cheesesteak Celebration!

I'd mentioned on Friday that the Mets didn't seem to look all that impressive as they rolled into Philadelphia last weekend. So, of course, Jason Bay hit a 1st Inning Home Run on Friday night that served as the keynote for an overall positive weekend visit to our old friends 99 miles to the South.

27 innings later, the Mets left Philadelphia, more or less disproving one of my theories, and sort of proving another one.

Facing Cliff Lee without David Wright in the lineup, you would have thought the situation rife for Cliff Lee to throw a 2-hit shutout and make the Mets look foolish, while their fans laughed and threw cheesesteaks at us. Such was not the case. Then, Wright came back on Saturday after a few days of the old Mets' Medical Staff Is-He-Is-Or-Is-He-Ain't shuffle and looked like he'd never missed a beat, hitting his own 1st inning Home Run to spur the Mets on to a most impressive looking 5-0 victory, again thwarting the cheesesteak tossing and making Philly look, for the most part, slow and old.

Sunday, of course, was a different story, but some poor fielding from some expected (Duda) and unexpected (Tejada) sources thwarted the sweep, but, again, given the expectations, no Mets fan in their right mind would complain about going into Philadelphia and winning 2 of 3. I'd sign for that every time.

There was, however, one unfortunate circumstance to Sunday's loss. I was at a family gathering that afternoon, along with the Philadelphia contingent of my family. I may (or may not) have noted sometime in the past that I have a bit of family in Philadelphia, transplanted from many years growing up in Nassau County, whose allegiances have switched from Mets fans to, now, die-hard Phillies fans. The gathering was peppered with lots of phone-watching and score-announcing, and of course once the game got away from the Mets, the Philadelphia Family whooped it up.

But, with the Mets already having had two games in the bag in Philadelphia, I let them have their fun. Besides, they didn't come armed with cheesesteaks to throw at me. 

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