Thursday, March 11, 2010

The All-Ballclub Team, 2010 Edition

This is now the 4th year we or I have put together the All-Ballclub team, and it comes with some degree of turnover each year. But this year, we may see markedly more turnover than normal. The All-Ballclub team appeared to be somewhat cursed in 2009, or if nothing else, a case of the blahs. It took quite a bit of hemming and hawing, but I finally arrived at what I think is a suitable list for the 2010 All-Ballclub team.

You can click here for a refresher on what the All-Ballclub team is all about. And you can click here to see the original editions of the All-Ballclub team.

The 2009 Ballclub Player of the year is a new addition to the All-Ballclub team, Evan Longoria of the Tampa Bay Rays. The Ballclub's pitcher of the year for 2009 is also a new member, Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners.
  1. Carlos Beltran****
  2. Ryan Braun*
  3. Endy Chavez****
  4. Carl Crawford***
  5. Jermaine Dye****
  6. Yunel Escobar***
  7. Prince Fielder**
  8. Matt Garza**
  9. Curtis Granderson***
  10. Zack Greinke*
  11. Ken Griffey, Jr.***
  12. Josh Hamilton***
  13. Felix Hernandez*
  14. Ryan Howard****
  15. Orlando Hudson*
  16. Torii Hunter****
  17. Ubaldo Jimenez*
  18. Matt Kemp*
  19. Clayton Kershaw**
  20. Jason Kubel*
  21. Tim Lincecum***
  22. Evan Longoria*
  23. Joe Mauer****
  24. David Ortiz****
  25. Jonathan Papelbon****
  26. Alexei Ramirez**
  27. Hanley Ramirez***
  28. Jose Reyes****
  29. Mariano Rivera****
  30. C.C. Sabathia****
  31. Pablo Sandoval*
  32. Johan Santana****
  33. Travis Snider*
  34. Denard Span**
  35. Ian Stewart**
  36. Ichiro Suzuki****
  37. Justin Verlander*
  38. David Wright****
  39. Kevin Youkilis**
  40. Clay Zavada*
    Emeritus in Moustachness: Sal Fasano.
Note: Stars indicate the number of times this player has been named to the All-Ballclub Team.

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