Monday, May 4, 2009


Sunday's rainout should have been somewhat therapeutic for everyone, both players and fans alike.

Well, at least the players. The fans are their usual apoplectic selves.

For the Mets, I suppose, it's a good chance to stew and forget about Saturday's debacle in Philadelphia, which I mostly missed, having spent most of my afternoon in a meeting that went way too long and accomplished far too little, arriving home just in time to see Sean Green foul the whole thing up and Shane Victorino act like, well, Shane Victorino.

What I missed appeared to be a string of the somewhat predictable. Unlike Friday night, where the Mets bucked several disturbing trends, the Mets regressed to the normal sort of baseball they play. Perez was terrible early (That's not especially surprising, and it appears that either he or the team or both of them have conspired to create a knee injury to get him out of here for a while, which I'm sure nobody will argue with)and the Mets were in a hole. Ken Takahashi emerged from irrelevance and pitched a few very solid innings, allowing the Mets to battle back and tie, and then take the lead against Moyer and Scott Eyre, only to spit it back up in the bottom of the 6th behind Feliciano disturbingly allowing his 2nd HR to a lefty in 2 games (which I'm not quite so worried about. Consider the hitters, and consider where he gave them up), the Mets get a bunch of hits and leave a bunch of men on base, the game goes into Extra Innings where the Phillies eventually scrape out the winning run and have their little Pizza Party in the middle of the Steroid Field II infield.

Whoopty doo.

After Friday night's game had gone so well for the Mets, you sort of had to figure they had a game like this in them.

So, rather than trying to will their way through a rubber game behind Maine and whoever trustworthy they could run out there after that, the Mets are given a day to lick their wounds and figure out a plan as they fly into my favority city in the world, Good ol' Atlanty and Good ol' Turner Field, where we have so many fond memories. Clearly, Perez is going to be out of the rotation for a while, which is good, considering that his next start would have fallen on Thursday night, a game I have tickets for. With the rainout, now everyone is pushed back a day, so I'm going to end up with Pelfrey Thursday. Right now, I'm not sure what Perez needs, whether it's some time in Extended Spring training to work on being able to get a consistent delivery and retain some muscle memory, or if he just needs a lobotomy, but right now, the Mets have some serious decisions to make to fill this hole in the rotation. I've heard names bandied about from Niese to Takahashi to Figueroa and beyond.

I don't care who they bring up, so long as he can throw 6 innings and get people out. That's all that matters at this point.


Rising Sun said...

You're kidding me. You're complaining about Victorino? I love your blog, but come on man. You root for a guy who does a dance for hitting home runs in exhibition games. He makes Rollins and Victorino look dull.

Mets2Moon said...

Thanks for reading. However, I'm not quite sure why you're surprised a Mets fan is going to rag on Victorino. Good player, don't get me wrong. But I can't stand him.