Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And The Future Arrives Yet Again...

Word on WFAN just came over that both Ryan Church and Jose Reyes have gone on the DL, with Fernando Martinez getting called up and Wilson Valdez being acquired from the Cleveland Indians.

Martinez, as reported on Francesa, will be starting in Right Field tonight. We haven't made much mention here about Martinez, but it's always exciting when someone the franchise has hyped up for a few years finally makes his way to the Majors.

As far as Church goes, who this morning was purportedly saying he was ready to play, this is just another indignity. It's starting to look more and more like he's just not going to be here much longer.

If nothing else, it means that the Mets won't have any more empty spots on their bench, which is helpful. Valdez is the archetypical good glove/no stick middle infielder, and likely isn't even going to supplant Ramon Martinez on a regular basis, and will be gone when Reyes and Cora return, whoever is back first. Fernando, on the other hand, may simply be here for a cup of coffee for now, though the speculation I assume would be that if he ascends and does well, he's probably pushing Church out the door and taking over in the Outfield.

We'll see...

(Note—They also just reported that Beltran is out until Friday, which helps the Mets lineup out even more. Jeremy Reed takes his place in CF for the interim. So much for those empty bench spots.)

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