Friday, April 24, 2009

A Photo Quiz

1) What is Jerry Manuel thinking about in the above photo?
  1. Hey, we may have lost, but we scored 8 runs! That's more than we usually get in a week! We're right back in it, guys!
  2. No matter how hard I try, I just can't look as sharp as Tony LaRussa.
  3. I hope they serve Chicken a la Wilpon on the flight back to New York. Mmm, that's the best!

2) What is Ramon Castro saying to John Maine?
  1. Dude, check out the Blonde in the 2nd row!
  2. No, no, no! When I put my glove on the outer half of the plate, you're supposed to HIT it, not throw the ball straight down the middle!
  3. Wait a sec...Ollie?

3) What is Livan Hernandez thinking about?
  1. That pitch always worked when Orlando threw it.
  2. I thought this game was getting a little too close.
  3. I'm hungry. Sooner Ankiel hits it out of the park, sooner I get to hit the buffet in the clubhouse.

4) What is Carlos Beltran thinking?
  1. OK, what's the score? 12-5? Good. Time for me to pad my stats with another garbage-time Home Run.
  2. I really like hitting in this ballpark. Too bad none of my teammates seem to agree with me.
  3. That's a shiny arch.

5) What is Jerry Manuel saying to the Umpire?
  1. Come on, man, we have enough trouble scoring runs as it is!
  2. All right, look, I'm not here to argue, but I have to at least let my players know I'm somewhat conscious.
  3. If you call him out, I'll treat you to a few Shackburgers when you come up to New York.
6) What is Johan Santana thinking?
  1. Oh, goody. Now I get to bail these clowns out again.
  2. 8 runs today? Where the hell is that when I'm pitching?
  3. Maybe I've been wearing everyone out with all those secret handshakes.
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