Friday, April 17, 2009

Boggs for the Mets

Every so often, I like to give a shoutout to my beleaguered Blue Jay Brethren to the North at Tao of Stieb. But there's another Blue Jays blog that has provided me with the impetus for today's column.

About a year ago, I was poking around other team's blogs, and I chanced upon a blog titled "Drunk Jays Fans," which is written by what appears to be a hearty bunch of gentlemen. It was on their sidebar that I saw a floating Wade Boggs head with the number 70 next to it. The explanation wished me "A Wade Boggs Weekend." The accompanying story blew me away.

Apparently, legend has it, Wade Boggs, already known for other off-field exploits, was known to down as many as 70 Miller Lites on a cross-country road trip. Many teammates have corroborated this, and Boggs has reluctantly admitted it himself. As a result, Miller Lite is now referred to as "Boggs" in certain circles.

Where am I going with this?

Well, after hearing caller after caller after caller and two overly indignant hosts fillet the Mets and Citi Field over the past week, I'm ready for a Wade Boggs Weekend. Yesterday it was the dynamic duo of Benigno and Roberts on WFAN screaming, and I mean quite literall SCREAMING about how beautiful the new Yankee Stadium is, and how Citi Field is a dump, and we should be ashamed, and how dare the Mets do this to us. One of them actually had the nerve to say, and I quote: "If you like Citi Field, you're not a real Mets fan."


How about coming up to Section 518 and I'll show you a Real Mets fan. How dare you say that! You're a pair of closeted Yankee Fans! That team has you by the balls so bad, and you're both clearly so insecure about them that you're afraid to say anything negative about them. But when it comes to the team you supposedly root for, well, they suck and everything they do sucks. But you've got season tickets and you'll be at Citi Field tonight. What a pair of loony Yankee-loving Hypocrites. I'd seriously like every one of my readers here to pick up a phone or log on to WFAN and tell Joe and Evan what a pair of duplicitous pricks they are. They are Yankee Castrati of the highest order. I'm not a real fan because I like Citi Field. Give me a fucking break.

That said, there are a pair of very fair and even-handed reviews of Citi Field floating around the internet, one of whom I would consider a FAR more reputable source for fair writing than those two clowns. It's been 3 games. Things can be fixed.

Then, there's the team.
So, Wednesday night, expecting the worst, Oliver Perez comes out and throws one of his good games, the Mets look fairly clueless most of the night offensively, but capitalize on some poor defense by San Diego and come away with a routine victory.

Thursday night, expecting the Best, John Maine does a very good impression of Oliver Perez, coughs up an early lead, the Mets fall behind and can't catch up, thereby losing the first series in the History of Citi Field to the San Diego Padres.

Why does this feel eerily like I'm watching last year's team play? Oh, wait, because for the most part, it IS last year's team. Thought so. I guess that means we can look forward to the Mets not being able to get out of their own way for the next couple of months or so. I mean, the upshot of all of this is Delgado is hitting like a house afire, so maybe it's not all the same, but if they have a game against Milwaukee where they manage to hit into 5 DPs this weekend, I'm going to be very concerned.

Basically, take everything I've written here into account, between the idiot radio hosts, and the overreacting fans, and the team itself...Well, as they say, Have a Wade Boggs Weekend. I certainly will.

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