Friday, March 27, 2009

Breaking Traditions?

I had mentioned the other day about how I was still waiting for my tickets to show up from the Mets. I know that the Season and Plan ticket holders get these fancy, glitzy tickets from a special office somewhere in Arkansas, but nonetheless, I'd still kind of like to have them in hand before Opening Day. That's just a personal preference. I also hadn't really heard anything whatsoever from the Mets regarding them, and, in reality, the only confirmation that I had was that they'd processed my credit card, and I've since paid the bill.

But that day, I got the mail and there was a small manila envelope from the Mets, with my name unceremoniously slapped on the outside. I went upstairs and opened it up. It didn't feel like tickets of any kind, though I wondered if, perhaps, they sent me my Opening Day tickets separate from the rest of the plan. That makes no sense, but then again, does anything the Mets do make any sense? I went upstairs and opened it. Out spilled a letter and a small envelope. The letter read as follows:

Dear Mets Plan Holder:

Thank you for joining us [blah blah blah].

In appreciation [blah], we are pleased to enclose complimentary tickets for the Mets' team workout to be held at Citi Field on Sunday, April 5 [blah blah blah etc].

I'll spare you the rest. Apparently, I was invited to a special preseason workout, at 11am on April 5th. I believe it's tantamount to a glorified Batting Practice, and it's only open to plan holders. Then again, the Mets have had a habit of saying one thing and ending up doing something else. Nonetheless, I've now got these two tickets for a Sunday Morning practice, when there's no guarantee that I'll even be awake at 11am on a Sunday.

I generally make it a rule of thumb, or at least it's been a tradition of mine, that I don't go past the stadium (I can't say Shea anymore) before Opening Day, or after Closing Day (Postseason games excluded). By past, I mean I don't ride out there on the 7 or make some sort of concerted effort to actually go out there to see the stadium. If my travels take me past it, that's another story entirely. But I digress.

I'd sort of been fixing for my maiden voyage to Citi Field to be on Opening Day, April 13th. That would be my first game, my first chance to see the Stadium and walk around and see what the place was like. That's how it is every year on Opening Day. I usually get out there early and watch BP, and mess around, and take a bunch of photos, and, yes, it's one of the rare games where I'll have a couple of beers. Usually, though, it's an afternoon game, and I'm buzzing work to be there. And I have no problem making a whole day of it.

This year, however, Opening Day is actually Opening Night, and the 7:10 start time sort of takes away from the whole magic of Opening Day. I suppose I'll still get out there early, perhaps around 5 or so, but I'd basically just knock off work early. It's not really the same. But still, that was going to be my first steps into Citi Field.

Now, I've got these workout tickets. Part of me really wants to go, just for the hell of it. It's a Sunday Morning and I probably don't have anything better going on anyway. It might be the only chance I'll have to get into some of the expensive seats in Citi Field. Who knows how liberal they'll be with Batting Practice once the season starts.

On the other side, this is really breaking tradition. It's almost like seeing the Bride before the Wedding. I feel very torn. Am I the only one who feels this way? What would you do?

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