Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Take That, Danny Meyer!

It's a little-known fact that I am a connoisseur of Hamburgers. My quest for New York City's best hamburger has led me to two specific places. Neither of them were Shea Stadium. The dry, lukewarm Bubba Burger that they pawned off didn't quite rate.

Whether or not the Citi Field Shake Shack is going to raise the Stadium Burger into the upper echelon of NYC Burgerdom is immaterial after I found this story and accompanying photo on Drudge this afternoon.

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, the Midwest League West Michigan Whitecaps, a single-A affiliate of the Detroit Tigers (currently managed by Met-for-a-Minute Joe DePastino, remember him?!), are offering the above monstrosity at their concession stand. The 4lb, 4,800 calorie burger features a one-pound sesame seed bun, 5 1/3-pound beef patties, cheese, chili, salsa and corn chips. Anyone hearty enough to finish off this $20 masterpiece will receive a free T-Shirt, as well as a substantial discount on the ensuing heart surgery.

Despite the fact that this is a nauseating amount of food, a family of 4 could probably go to a game, buy one and be well-sated by game's end. They will even cut it with a pizza slicer for you.

Not sold yet? Here's some video of them making the burger.

I think it's safe to say that you'll never see anything quite like this at Citi Field. A burger like this is well beyond the imagination of Danny Meyer or the folks at Aramark who are more interested in serving up Pizza slices that taste about as good as the box they come in. It's almost reminiscent of the Mo-Licious sandwich the Carnegie Deli named after Mo Vaughn.

I don't have any trips to Grand Rapids planned any time during the upcoming season, unfortunately, so I won't have a chance to sample and report back on this particular burger. Rest assured, however, that I will think of it the first time I patronize the Citi Field Shake Shack.

Michigan Baseball park to offer 4,800-calorie burgers [Breitbart]

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