Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Who The Hell Are These Guys?

They're the Colorado Rockies. You might not have heard of them lately. True, they hold the record for highest attendance in a season, but that was a long time ago, when they played in a football stadium that held over 70,000 people. They play in a nice, spacious Baseball stadium now that seats a manageable 50,000.

But since then, they haven't done much as a franchise. Until this season, when they still weren't expected to do much. Then, a group of guys, mostly young, mostly unheralded players you probably never heard of banded together. For most of the season, they were an afterthought. A slow start, but a hot middle of the season, one in which they knocked off some pretty formidable teams like the Mets and Yankees. But still, nobody gave them much thought. There were better, stronger teams with more star power that would certainly wipe them out.

But that didn't happen. And against all the odds, the Rockies persevered. The flashier teams faded away, and when the dust cleared, here they are. The upstarts. The guys who were nowhere in the eyes of the experts. A team that rallied together and came back from the dead. A team that relied not on the exploits of a few sluggers and a star pitcher, but the sum of all parts. Young, hungry players who cared little about anything other than having fun and winning.

The Colorado Rockies are going to the World Series. Lest that be a lesson to you, Freddie, Omar, Willie, Boy-King, et. al.

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