Friday, October 12, 2007

Building A Mystery

I opened up the 2007 season with a photo essay of sorts, depicting the day at and around Shea, and giving some note to the construction of Citi Field, going on in the parking lot. While many have seen the construction first hand, some are unable to, or haven't noticed just how far things have progressed with what will undoubtedly be the Mets Mall of the Future. Let's look back before we look at the present:
This was how things looked exactly one year ago today, October 12, 2006, as Game 1 of the NLCS was about to begin.

Things had started to get pretty serious by Opening Day, 2007. It's still a skeleton, but a lot had gone on during the winter.

Now, it's no joke. Citi Field is coming, and it's coming FAST. As the 2007 season came to its horrendous end two weekends ago, this is what we're looking at. Here's the view from the exit of the 7 Train.
The broad spectrum from the Upper Deck:

At some point, while other people were screaming, yelling, throwing things, vomiting or other such behavior, I became more interested in getting pictures of the construction.

As the clouds roll in, signaling the end of a dark chapter in Mets History, the sun is still shining over the future.

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