Monday, October 29, 2007

Congratulations Red Sox, now what do you think about the Yankees?

Allegedly, the Boston Red Sox won the World Series last night, in a convincing 4-game sweep over the Colorado Rockies.

I'd like to think that this actually happened, except that Joe Buck, Tim McCarver and the rest of the FOX talking heads (especially that gin-blossom drunk Ken Rosenthal) spent most of the time ignoring this and instead talking about the real news story of the day, A-Rod opting out of his contract.

Earth shattering news. Who cares about a World Championship? Thanks for letting us know where you really stand, FOX.

There's not too much to say about the World Series, in all truth. I, among others, were simply hoping for a competitive series, unlike the past few years. But after 2 games, this was over. Hell, this was over after the first inning of Game 1. The Rockies were a good team that definitely deserved to be there, but they were totally overmatched. And, in reality, I don't see them doing this again. They have a good, young, competitive team, but just like they came out of nowhere this year, someone else will do this next season. The Rockies won't sneak up on anyone in '08. And they'll end up being held in the same regard as teams like the '98 Padres or the '05 Astros. You think back and say to yourself, "Wait a second, that team went to the World Series?! They did, didn't they!"

Believe it or not, there was a little Mets news over the weekend, and it didn't even involve a Bunion! This nugget placed smarmily in the infamous Anti-Met rag, the NY Post, is just another slap in the face to the Mets, who apparently have ceased to exist since September 30th. I've got no problem with laying low, especially since with the World Series over, we can now fully turn our thoughts to Hot Stove talk, but the 3-ring Circus in the Bronx have made the Mets vanish completely. Now, we have this article in Sunday's Post, talking about how Citi Field has bad Feng Shui, as explained to us by renowned Feng Shui expert Donna Chang, who just sounds like a real expert on the topic. It's almost as if the Post feels the need to kick the Mets while they're buried. Not only do the Mets suck, but their new stadium is bound to be just as bad. Well, thanks for pointing that out. It's almost as if with all the chaos and turmoil around the Yankees, they felt this need to just take one more shot at the Mets.

As if we haven't suffered enough.

Mets "Feel Bad" Field [Tabloid Rag]


Anonymous said...

I heard rumors that the Mets might be interested in A-rod. Seems unlikely to me, but there are only a few teams that could pay him. Heard anything?

Stephen Mejias said...

The idea of A-Rod becoming a Met makes me wanna hurl. Vomit, that is. Not pitch.

Mets2Moon said...

I think the A-Rod to the Mets talk has drawn such a mixed reaction that it deserves its own post. I'll tackle this topic shortly.