Wednesday, May 9, 2007


By now we've all noticed that everyone on the Mets has shaved their heads bald either before or after yesterday's game. I heard an interview with LoDuca on the radio following the game that this was the brainchild of himself and Wright. Apparently, the idea of the entire team shaving their heads had been discussed, but only yesterday did LoDuca enter the clubhouse with a mohawk, and Wright completely bald.

And with Beltran at the shears, just about everyone else followed suit.

It's this kind of behavior, the club doing goofy things together that you like to see. It's weird, but it does bring you closer to the team. The Red Sox did something similar in 2003 and 2004 between shaved heads and mutant facial hair, and it was interesting to see how the team dynamic led to successful results, and in the case of the '04 Sox, a world championship.

Following Monday night's debacle by the Bay, it was clear that the Mets needed a little bit of a jolt. Perez looked miserable out there in the 5th, and as his defense failed around him, it seemed like he lost his concentration. And overall, the team just looked flat. Maybe it was the travel, who knows, but last night, they looked the exact opposite.

Glavine led the charge with 7 strong innings for win #294, despite the fact that he hadn't shave his head (and LoDuca reported that he said he would do so after the game, and he did indeed). His only real mistake came on Bonds's HR in the 4th , a solo shot to make it 4-1, but the Giants got no closer.

(I'll avoid slinging accusations at Bonds, but note that that was HR #745 for him. The Giants are at Shea at the end of May. If Bonds has an unconscious month, I'm not saying he will, but it's possible that he could be right around the record at the end of the month, rolling into Shea...)

But it was the bald-headed warriors that led the way for the Mets last night. Bald Reyes (editor's note: Reyes kept his hair, and with a .350 BA, why not? -Guapo) Bald Wright and Bald Barber Beltran kicked off the game with consecutive doubles, and the Mets plated 3 in the first, and were well on their way to breaking out of this mini-funk.

Good games all around for everyone, and good to erase the bad feelings from Monday night. Gone, like the hair on the heads of the Mets. LoDuca reported that, after the game, everyone on the team, the coaches, and even PR man Jay Horowitz had joined in the hair parade.

And so, behind Bald John Maine, the bald wonders continue their adventures this afternoon, looking to take the series in San Francisco, and looking to end this West Coast swing on a positive note.

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