Thursday, May 17, 2007

The B Team

Take a good, long look at today's lineup:

E. Chavez CF
R. Gotay SS
S. Green RF
C. Delgado 1B
J. Franco 3B (!)
D. Newhan 2B (!!)
R. Castro C
C. Gomez LF
J. Vargas P

Considering last night's game ended about and hour and a half before this one started, this was probably wise. A couple of the regulars (Beltran and Wright) came in to pinch-hit and helped key the ninth-inning rally that won it. I really wish I'd had this oddball game on the radio, but I can't get the internet-radio deal to work in my office, even though I paid good money for the package that includes it.

From the box score, looks like Jason Vargas had a decent outing. He went seven, which is impressive in and of itself. No walks, but two bombs. How lucky are we getting with these spot starters?

M2M and I went out to Shea last night with another friend of mine. We hung around for a while then left (over Mets's objections). All I have to say is, had Sosa thrown a no-hitter I never would have been able to forgive myself.


Mets2Moon said...

I had it on the radio in my office, since I have a regular radio in my office, not this fancy MLBTV deal. My computer cannot handle such things. But I can tell you that most of the game ur until the Mets started rallying in the 9th. You can tell because Howie Rose begins to have a progressive Aneurysm when these things get going, until Delgado got the winning hit and he just exploded with joy.

And now, Mike and the Mad Dog, where Mad Dog called this "A great, Championship Quality win for the Mets." I know it must have pained him to say that since he's good for about a dozen or so kind words about the Mets per season.

I'd like to be a fly on the wall in Lou Piniella's office right now, though.

Mets2Moon said...

Oh, and regarding last night, I don't object leaving so much, because it was miserable out and I certainly didn't relish getting home after 1AM if we had stayed for the game (and if I didn't have to be up so early today, I very well might have stuck it out), but what really bothers me is that they not only started the game at 10:17pm, with about 20 people left in the crowd, but the 3 games they offered the fans to exchange their tickets for are games I can't go to. So, basically, because they didn't call the game (and would it really have killed them to call the game and play two today?), thereby allowing us to exchange our tickets for ANY game for the rest of the season, but since they played the damn thing, me, and a number of other people, I'm sure, just got screwed out of a game because they only offer a few games to exchange tickets for.