Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Word to Daily News: Stop Snitching

If this leads to a knee-jerk trade of Milledge (let's call that move the "Anna Benson") then I'm going to burn down Shea Stadium, or at least take Omar Minaya off my Christmas card list. Do you hear me, Omar? It's an effing rap song. Let it go.

And while we're at this, fuck the Daily News for running with this like it's an actual story. Any other city in the nation and this is nothing. Anyway, I'm too angry to blog coherently and nothing's even happened yet. I hope we won't have to revisit this, but we'll see.

I'm so angry, I'm stealing their bandwith to post this photo. Take that, Daily News:

Lastings's latest bad rap [Daily News]


Mets2Moon said...

I can't read the article on my computer, but sight unseen I'll say that this is just another example of the Holier-Than-Thou attitude the press, especially the print media, seems to feel that they have. I know it's their job, but for christ's sake, how obnoxious of them to feel that they somehow are in control of the team. I honestly believe that the Joel Shermans of the world somehow actually believe that they are partially responsible for the success of the team.

Think of Darryl Strawberry and how his problems off the field derailed his career. He made a rap song too, the comparatively mild-mannered "Chocolate Strawberry." Point is, you can't judge the character of Milledge because of a song that he may or may not have sang. Give the kid a damn break. If he gets arrested, or gets caught with his face in a pile of cocaine, or urinates on a pizza delivery boy like Karim Garcia, then rip him a new asshole all you want. But a lot of people have done a lot worse than say a few bad words on a record.

El Guapo said...

Oh, and here's the other thing that has me reaching for my hydrochlorothiazide: This whole thing risks making Mets fans looking like a bunch of dopey, borderline-racist white people. No, really. Nevermind that many of us are exactly that and worse, those of us who aren't resent the blanket generalization. That's one reason I hope the team doesn't overreact and cave in to the Jason Gervases among us (and there are plenty). Anyway, again, nothing's happened yet, this is just what I'm worried about.