Monday, March 19, 2007

SWJM seeks SWJF. Mets Fan Only.

Throughout the season in 2006, and continuing this year, we have, while watching the Mets on SNY, been subjected to those ubiquitous network promos featuring the adventures of TV Head Guy, the rather beleaguered gentleman with a TV for a head constantly playing SNY. We would have to assume that he is a Mets fan. After all, he's rather calm, level-headed, just wants to go about his business and be left alone, and watch his favorite team.

The ads got annoying rather quick. But there was one such ad that stuck with me, particularly because of the cliche, but oh-so-true bit of symbolism it portrays.

In the ad, our hero is seen painting the toenails of a young woman, who giggles and coos over the Yankees. Suddenly, in walks his girlfriend, a Mets fan. She's shocked and appalled by what she sees. Mr. TV admits that he can't be exclusive, not in this town. He beckons his girlfriend to join them on the couch so that he can paint her toes next.

And it's over, just as soon as it begins. In fact, here it is, in case you forgot:

But here's what gets me. The female Mets fan is a very lovely woman. A tall, leggy, sultry brunette, who obviously has a good handle on life. She's come home, probably from a day at work, done some shopping, and is looking forward for a nice evening at home.

The female Yankee fan is a trashy blonde, looking for a good time. Doesn't matter with who or where at. She's the kind of girl who drinks too much at a bar and then vomits in the cab on the way home. She looks as if she's stumbled out of bed at around 3:30 in the afternoon and just threw something on and ran out of the house.

The symbolism just slays me. It's a very, very subtle dig at the Yankees, for sure. Not disrespectful, because the point that SNY still covers the Yankees is made...

...but we all know girls like that. And it's true. Most female Yankee fans didn't grow up in the City, and probably didn't follow the Yankees before 1996. But all of a sudden, they're screaming about how they're in love with Robinson Cano or Tino Martinez or Captain Jeter, and how the Mets suck, and how many championships did the Mets win, and how their father is getting them World Series tickets for when they make it, blah, blah, blah.

I'll admit that I haven't known many (in fact, few, if at all), female Mets fans. I know that the ones that I've seen at Shea are often the civil, attractive type. Much like the girl in the commercial. Yes, I have seen a few that got drunk and loud, but never to the point of embarrassment (El Guapo will be quick to remind me of the time we were at a game that ran late, and there was a drunk girl in full Mets gear screaming for a beer guy in the 10th inning, but that's a rare occurrence). I once had the misfortune of dating a Phillies fan who was the epitome of unhinged. I feel I am still atoning for this act of high treason. Needless to say, it didn't work out. I have, to date, not been fortunate enough to date a female Mets fan. I do hope to have my chance someday.

I don't know that we have many, if any, female readers. But if we do, consider this, and the SNY spot, a tip of the cap to the fairer Mets fans. But don't turn into the Bronx version after a couple of World Championships. We're all too good for that.

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G-Fafif said...

I had what I imagine was the typical Mets fan reaction to this ad when I first saw it, stomach turned at the presence of the Yankee bimbo on our network. But Lady Met...she is SO going to kick both their asses that it's worth sitting through that dope with the TV head's indiscretions just to imagine the carnage.