Sunday, March 11, 2007

Duaner Sanchez, You're Officially Harshing My Mellow

We got a nice shout-out the other day from the excellent Mets bloggers over at Faith and Fear in Flushing. Thanks, guys.

I didn't think of Duaner-gate as much of a big deal at first: he messed up a little so Willie disciplined him by sending home for a couple days. Case closed, right? I approached this Bill Madden piece a little skeptically. Typical New York sports media just stirring the pot, I thought. But to be honest he has me worried a little. He points out that Sanchez was disciplined a couple times by the Dodgers back in 2005, and there was some talk that he was intoxicated on one occasion (though Madden offers no on- or off-the-record sourcing for that, so here I go furthering a baseless rumor on the Internet...).

I definitely think Madden's suggestion to just dump Sanchez now no questions asked is a little harsh, not to mention misguided. Even if Sanchez is somewhat of a distraction, he was effective enough last season to give him another shot. And remember, this is a team with more than its share of example-setting veterans to keep guys on the straight and narrow. You have to think Wagner, Glavine, and Julio Franco will have a hand in this going forward.

So I don't know, let's just not blow this out of proportion.

Time for Mets to dump troubled reliever [Daily News]


kjs said...

Dude--you made James Wolcott's blog (Vanity Fair). And he digs your style...

G-Fafif said...

Sanchez only distracted the editors at the Daily News from running a screaming back page that A-Rod had ravioli for dinner. He'll be fine. And even if he won't, he won't take the ship down with him.

That is a nice shoutout from James Wolcott. Now make your blog weigh about ten pounds and you'll be even with Vanity Fair.

El Guapo said...

True, it's very easy to get caught up in offseason nonsense, especially in this city. I think the team will be a good influence on him rather than Duaner being a bad influence on the team.

The Wolcott thing blew my mind a little. Really fun to see that, and of course it does wonders for bringing new readers here.