Friday, March 23, 2007

The Big Blog Roundup: Gilbert Arenas Edition

Coming next week, deep, thought provoking division-by-division picks and analysis. Or the picks will be obvious and the analysis scant. We'll see.

And now, this week's roundup.

Chicks dig the stolen base
Jessica at Chicks Dig the Pitchers Duel makes an excellent point about something I hadn't thought of before: Jose Reyes is bound to steal home one of these days with Delgado at the plate, because the Big Lefty Shift employed against Carlos will prevent the 3B from holding Reyes on. That'll be something to see. I agree. $10 says it happens sometime this season.

Chicks also dig the at-bat music
Metsgrrl points out that you can now vote for David Wright's theme song on We mentioned last month that David had retired fan favorite "Brass Monkey" and was thinking about a new tune. Metsgrrl's point is that this whole thing was her idea, so hear her out. By the way, I voted for "10th Avenue Freeze Out" but I really couldn't blame anyone for going with the A-Team theme song, or "Fame" by David Bowie. You can also write in suggestions. Have at it, kids. (Writing in "America's Most Blunted," however tempting, is probably futile.)

Don't worry, Coach Floyd, he'll put his people on it
Freedarko is all over the wild New York Times piece on Tim Floyd's account of how he came to sign high school prodigy OJ Mayo. Read that article if you haven't already (and you probably have; it's reaching near-legendary status in weblogdom). It's absolutely shocking but not at all surprising, if that makes any sense. I love Freedarko's notion that it was a shady figure like a cross between Cancer Man and Stringer Bell who walked into Floyd's office and gave Floyd the news, with that "don't call OJ, he'll call you" stuff. Unbelievable. And Mayo: "Don't worry about the recruiting. I'll take care of that." The kid's in HIGH SCHOOL!!!

"We need to go back to the love."
I know this won't shut up Gilbert Arenas's critics, but it should. Once and for all. Just take some time, print this out and take in into the can at work; let Gilbert set it all straight about his "quirky" "antics" that stupid people don't get. Personally I think it should win the Pulitzer, just like Jay Sherman's "Stop Going" speech from English for Cab Drivers, but that's just me.

  • Deadspin fills us in about how Ryan Dempster is studying to be a ninja, working with a sensei in Vancouver. I think we can all agree that closers and ninjas need a remarkably similar skill set, but I'm just not sure that a Canadian sensei is going to get you very far.
  • Quick note from Mets Blog: Reports are that there will be no fireworks at Shea this season. Well, no literal fireworks anyway. Due to the construction of Citi Field they're going to cut the fireworks until the new park opens.
  • On this Charles Barkley Quotes blog you've got .... Charles Barkley quotes! Tons of them! And when you're done with those, there's more Charles Barkley quotes! This might be in my top ten favorite things on the whole Internet.


Mets2Moon said...

Not to burst your bubble, but Springsteen's "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out" was already used as entrance music for a season by, amazingly, Al Leiter.

Who knew he was such a Bruce fan?

El Guapo said...

You think I don't know that? But where's Al Leiter now? That's right, the YES network. The Boss is up for grabs.

Besides, that was my favorite song of the choices given on the voting page.