Thursday, October 1, 2015

Secret Ballgame

When a ballgame happens and nobody is around to see it...

Such was the case this afternoon, when the Mets and Phillies got together in front of a hearty gathering of about 4-or-500 close friends to wage a little game of the ol' Baseball. And if you blinked, you missed it.

I blinked.

See, I knew last night that they changed the time of the game, but of course after several weeks of looking at the remaining schedule and noting that the Mets didn't have any weekday afternoon games after Labor Day, I'd conditioned myself to thinking that they were playing at 7pm and didn't bother to check the game on to see what was going on. By time I did, it was already the 9th inning, the Mets were losing and everything was terrible.

Then again, I can't say I'm surprised. The Mets were kind of screwed before this game had even started. I believe I went to bed last night not having any idea who the starting pitcher was, since Steven Matz has come down with this random back injury that will probably develop into a case of Rayramirezitis, and since Logan Verrett was pitching in the Jon Niese spot, and since both Niese and Bartolo Colon are learning how to pitch in relief (something Niese has not quite warmed to just yet, on the other hand Colon seems ready to pitch whenever someone hands him a ball), there wasn't a real choice. Sean Gilmartin was the one who got the nod, and usually when something like that happens, it's phrased as "[Pitcher] and Staff." The kind of terminology used for 7th games of Postseason Series or rescheduled late-September games. Gilmartin pitched just fine over his 5 innings of work. Just, Jerad Eickhoff was better, probably because Eickhoff is better, although the fact that the Mets had their "C" lineup out there probably helped. Regardless, I don't know if the "A" squad would have done much better after last night.

I said last night that I can't get too worked up, and really I'm still not too worked up, but I don't like the fact that the Mets went into Philly, where they've been feeding the Phillies their lunch all season, and ended up getting swept. That's not really the statement you want to make at this point, and it's ended up costing them the slim lead they had over Los Angeles for NLDS Home Field Advantage. On the other hand, the Mets don't really seem fazed by going on the road; in fact after being a better home team when they were completely useless on offense, they have now spun this around to being markedly better on the road, when the spotlight of New York is off of them. And, quite honestly, I don't think their starting pitchers give a rat's ass where they're starting, just so long as they're starting somewhere beginning on October 9th. 

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Aaron J Warren said...

I think the rev down that your talking about when the mets wrapped up the division, the playing the c squad is spot on. But I think for this team in particular, this "break" from meaningful - cause they wrapped up divsion - is dangerous. They seemed to thrive on emotion and playing hard every pitch, and I didn't see that team at all over the weekend.