Friday, October 2, 2015

Lost Game

So, you know, I was all set to go charging out to Citi Field on Friday night to see the Mets' triumphant return home, where they would surely be greeted with the heroes' welcome they deserved as they began their season-ending series against Washington.

However, a day's worth of torrential rain fell here in New York and for sanity's sake, the game was called in the afternoon. This was just fine with me; in my younger days I would have thought nothing of sitting around through a 4-hour rain delay waiting for the game to start, but I'm now older and not quite as foolhardy. Based on how much it was raining, I was not looking forward to dragging my ass out to Queens to sit out in the rain and Citi Field's notorious jet stream.

So, instead of finishing my season with 22 games, I'll have to settle for 21. I can't go to tomorrow's Day-Night Doubleheader (my stance on those has not changed), but I'll be there on Sunday, assuming the rain stops by then.

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