Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Nothing Changes

Whether by walk-off or walk-out, it seems the Mets are mostly incapable of winning games in the puke-green hell-hole that is Mickey Mouse Stadium in Miami. After losing their requisite blown-lead walk-off last night, the Mets came out flatter than a pancake, showing little resistance whatsoever as Henderson Alvarez wiped the floor with them en route to a 6-hit shutout.

Little good to say about this game, except to mention that Bartolo Colon pitched palatably well after the Marlins threatened to light him up in the 1st inning. It looked grim after Giancarlo Stanton hit one off the top of the wall to plate Boring Ed Lucas, and Casey McGehee followed with an RBI hit of his own, but Colon rebounded and on any other night, in any other place, the Mets might have had a decent chance to match the opponent's runs and give him a shot to win, or at least draw. But tonight, no such things were happening. Those 2 runs may as well have been 12, as Alvarez dispatched the Mets with frightening efficiency, to the point where at around 8:45, I heard Gary Cohen say something to the effect of "...as we move to the 8th inning..." and realizing, "Holy shit, 8th inning already?" Alvarez dictated the pace throughout the game and the Mets had no answer. His shutout was accomplished in all of 2 hours and 8 minutes, a lightning-fast game by anyone's standard, and certainly fast for the Mets, who struggle to beat 3 hours on most nights.

The game sunk the Mets to a miserable 1-5 on their 1993 Expansion Team Tour, which has sent them into stadiums where they mysteriously have developed an incredible aversion to playing well and winning games, particularly if you look at their record in these two particular places over the past few seasons. Fortunately, they don't have to go back to one of those places at all for the remainder of the season, and as for Miami, well, they're done after tomorrow afternoon, fortunately, and don't have to go back again until late June. Unfortunately, they play 10 of their 19 games against Miami in their ballpark, so that means there's one more opportunity for an annoying, frustrating game to happen to the Mets this season. Can't wait.

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