Thursday, May 29, 2014

Forgotten Afternoon

Lost in the weeds at work, I actually completely forgot that the Mets had played a game in the afternoon until I left the office at 6pm and said to myself, "Oh. The Mets played already." Between fighting through the proverbial jungle and the fact that the alerts on my ESPN SportsCenter app mysteriously shut off several days ago without warning, it was easy to have lost this particular game in the shuffle.

They played, and they won, behind a fine outing by Bartolo Colon, backed up by a pair of Home Runs from David Wright and Lucas Duda.

In a prior era, I might have gone home and eschewed the 7 or 7:30pm replay of that afternoon's game since I would have already heard or known what had happened, but getting home and seeing the game was completely new to me. I was aware that the Mets had won, but I had no idea how anything happened, or even who was pitching for them until I put the TV on.

In reality, this wasn't what you would consider to be a memorable game in the least. It was kind of chilly out, in stark contrast to the humidity of Tuesday night, so the crowd seemed kind of sparse, although I have the feeling that these weekday afternoon games can be kind of sparse no matter what the weather. Bartolo Colon basically mowed the Pirates down with generic efficiency and the Mets pieced together a few rallies throughout the afternoon, building leads of 1-, 2- and then 3-0 before Lucas Duda's late Home Run salted things away.

I'd like to say something a little more interesting about this game, but I got nothing. Bartolo Colon still looks like a buffoon at the plate but at least he had his A-game on the mound, because he's had the propensity to look equally as foolish on his bad days. Other than that, what would you take away from this game?

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