Tuesday, April 16, 2013

No Game Today

Issues elsewhere in the world certainly took precedence Monday on a much heavier scale, but Baseball remained on as a pleasant diversion.

The only problem was that the Mets left the snow in Minnesota only to be greeted with more snow in Colorado. The game time forecast of a balmy 21 degrees with light snow appears to have been an understatement, because judging from the above photo (and others circulating), this wasn't a "light snow." Fortunately, the game was postponed, giving the Mets into their second consecutive Snowout and forcing a Doubleheader situation with the Colorados on Tuesday that already appears dicey because of more snow. Wednesday, it will reportedly not snow in Colorado, but the nighttime forecast calls for a low of 9 degrees.

I know the Mets have played the Colorados in Denver in April in prior years, but this is sort of ridiculous. Someone mentioned to me on Monday morning that there was a possibilty of the rarely-seen Tripleheader if things got bad enough, but I think there's a union restriction against those sorts of things. The reality was that it was merely a hoax from the devious mind of Jay Horowitz. The hope, I guess, is that somehow they get a couple of these games in and maybe try to come back later in the season. But the Mets have already lost an off day in August after a west coast trip because they have to go back to Minnesoter to pick up the lost game from Sunday. A more palatable option might be having a Doubleheader when the Colorados come to New York and have the Colorados as the home team, but that will probably go over about as well as playing in an April Snowstorm from the Colorados point of view.

Meantime, it complicates my job as a loyal blogger, because it's difficult to find things to write about when the Mets aren't playing any games. This ought to change at some point. I think...

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