Thursday, April 18, 2013

Can't Get Out Of This Town Fast Enough

I already said yesterday that nothing good has ever happened to the Mets in Denver, and this week has more or less summed up the past 20 years of the Mets relationship with Colorado.

Bad Weather, Bad Pitching, Bad Results.

After 12 feet of snow on Monday led to 7 hours of losing on Tuesday, more snow came and wiped out the game on Wednesday. Thursday was just more of the same and the fact that they only played one game today was kind of a double-edged sword. It didn't snow, from what I heard on the radio, so I don't have actual visual evidence of that, but what Howie and Josh did remind us of, multiple times, was that the game time temperature was 27º. Or maybe it was 29º. Whatever it was, the Mets spent most of the day looking like they couldn't wait to get out of Coors Field. I didn't need to see any of the game to know it; the performance came through on the radio. I didn't bother to watch any of the "highlights (a game like today's has no highlights from the Mets point of view)" either, so it's not really worth hashing things over to see where everything went wrong (though another lousy performance from the bullpen is probably the culprit). I know the Mets were still trying hard to win, just like they do on any given day (no matter how hard that may be to believe at times), but after so many days playing in ridiculous freezing weather, I can't say I blame them for having had enough of this shit. So the good side of all this was that they only had to lose one game miserably to the Colorados today.

The bad side of this is, of course, they still have to come back to Denver and make up the stupid game they didn't play yesterday.

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