Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Red Menace

I can't be bothered to wait until tonight's game ends before launching into another rant. Right now, it's the bottom of the 8th inning and Jeurys Familia just allowed his first Major League Hit after fanning Lance Berkman for his first Major League Strikeout (and followed up with his First Major League Double Play Induced), but the Mets are losing 5-1, and the Cardinals will find some way to screw the Mets out of any sort of rally they might mount in the 9th, whether it's by bringing their Low-Rent Brian Wilson clone out of the bullpen, or invoking the spirit of Tony LaRussa (He's Innovative!) or the flames on Yadier Molina's neck turning into a fire-breathing dragon and toasting every runner attempting to score, or something else nauseating.

I suppose some of this is residual bitterness from Monday's 9th inning, after Andres Torres was rooked out of a leadoff 2B in the 9th inning (although for all we know, the next 3 guys would have grounded to 2nd, struck out and flied to left). I feel conflicted about this. The call was clearly unconscionably blown by a rookie Umpire who was apparently egged on by Carlos Beltran. The Umpire, who's name isn't even worth remembering, vehemently defended himself, for reasons I can't seem to figure out, since it seems fairly obvious that Torres just did tap that base with his heel. But, there's another feeling I've had. What the hell is wrong with Andres Torres? I know he's sort of an aging, wily veteran brought in for the  purpose of playing the Outfield or providing sage wisdom, but his presence on this team has baffled me ever since Opening Day. Why do the Mets need Andres Torres on the roster? They already have enough outfielders who hit about .220 with inconsistent defense and no power, in fact, they traded one to the Giants in order to get Torres. And, quite honestly, although he did touch first yesterday, I think a headier player would have really made sure he touched first, not looked back like he missed it, and maybe, just maybe, argued the call in his defense a little bit, or maybe demanded the Umpire ask for some help. I suppose this isn't a popular viewpoint from the Mets or their fans, but, just saying, it's the proverbial turd in the punchbowl.

Tonight, no better luck for the Mets in St. Louis, a place that's been about as kind to them as Atlanta, and another team and group of fans that I've had more than enough of. I can't even get behind their "Feel Good" championship run last season because they already won one recently at our expense, and Man, that Tony LaRussa was a first-class Jackass. And he proved it again this season with his behavior during the All Star Game. I don't care if LaRussa's gone, or Pujols is gone, I still hate the Cardinals. And every Mets fan should. And tonight just added more fuel to the fire, since they beat Matt Harvey on about 230 feet worth of hits in the 2nd inning, nothing major, just singled him to death. And, of course, the Mets looked like patsies against Jaime Garcia. So, all in all, a great night. Barrel of laughs. Great great great.

Fortunately, Dickey in the Afternoon tomorrow, and you know what that means, it's R.A. on the Radio in the office. A good mixture.

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