Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Sack

Well, when Jason Bay starts hitting Grand Slams off your pitchers, you know you've got problems. And boy, the Mickey Mouse Marlins have some problems. In fact, they've got so many problems, that they actually managed to out-Mets the Mets this past weekend.

I already went over what happened on Friday, when R.A. Dickey went out and blew through the Marlins like they weren't even there. Saturday, it appeared like Josh Johnson was going to pull the reverse Dickey, as he did what he usually does to the Mets: Tie them up in knots for several innings, while the Marlins pecked and scraped for their 3 runs against Jeremy Hefner. Hefner, who's slowly improved, still isn't exactly a confidence-inspirer, but he's certainly acquitted himself well enough over the past few weeks. But, when you're facing Josh Johnson, sometimes there's nothing to be done. Until he leaves the game and you can feast on the awful Marlins bullpen. Steve Cishek came in with his sidearmed slingshot delivery, and started giving up Bloop hits and walks and I think he hit a batter somewhere in there too, and then Kelly Shoppach hit a clean single up the middle to tie the game, and when Justin Rugelachiano forgot to pick the ball up, a couple more runs scored, and the Mets had themselves a nice comeback victory.

Sunday, the Mets finished off another sweep of the Marlins by sticking it to Mark Buehrle early and often, capitalizing on more bloops, more walks, and more bad Marlin defense in front of the rare sight of a Jason Bay Grand Slam, which staked the Mets to a 5-0 lead that, against the Sad Sack Marlins, even Chris Young couldn't screw up. And he didn't, putting forth one of his better starts of late, making sure that Grand Slam stood up in a 5-1 victory.

All in all, a fine weekend for the Mets, who all of a sudden have found themselves in a bit of a hot streak, winning 7 of 8 and maybe pulling themselves out of the doledrums a little bit. Now, off to St. Louis, where the Mets mysteriously have not yet played this year (Milwaukee is going to be their other random, non-division road trip this month), to hopefully keep this little run going and maybe even stick it to the Cardinals a little bit.

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