Friday, July 20, 2012

Radio Glaze

Slacking this week, as tends to happen when the weather is hot and the Mets are playing lousy. I hadn't seen much of the team since the All Star Break, and clearly I hadn't missed much, but faced with a Thursday afternoon game, and a quiet day in the office, I of course tuned in to Howie and Josh for the day's proceedings.

Sometime during the affair, I got to thinking about some other Afternoon games I'd heard in my office this season. I could be totally off here, but it seems like the Mets do reasonably well in these kinds of games. Yesterday, of course, went splendidly (mainly because the Mets were able to outhit their lousy bullpen), then there were games in Chicago, Pittsburgh and in the Mets prior trip to Washington that also turned out in our favor. There were probably games that didn't go so well, but I choose not to remember them.

Regardless, this was the kind of game that the Mets needed in the worst way, and of course it was Dickey and David Wright leading the charge for what was supposed to be an easy victory, that of course managed to turn hairy during an 8th inning that featured 4 pitchers and the tying run on deck at the end of the inning (It may have been 3 pitchers, but it seemed like 4). It's rather frustrating to not have any sort of faith in the bullpen (we've already been through this, if you care to remember the final, futile weeks of 2008), but as Mets fans, we seem so battle tested by this that nothing's so surprising anymore. Oh, the Bullpen sucks? OK. It always did anyway. But if we are going to remain in contention, and Sandy Alderson claims that the Mets are buyers for the moment, then that's the first, last and only place that changes need to be made. This team has come this far based on the cohesiveness of the team. It's a damn shame that all the progress is being submarined by a bullpen that completely lacks the ability to get anyone out, and even a 9-1 lead somehow feels sweaty.

Damn. This should have been a much more positive post, shouldn't it?

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