Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Extra Miserable

I know that there was a period of time this season where the Mets being in a close, taut game, usually a pitcher's duel, was welcomed with open arms. A time where a deficit of 2-3 runs early was met with the sentiment, "we've got them right where we want them." A time where if the game was tied going into the 9th inning, you knew the Mets would find a way to pull out the victory.

Sadly, those days are over. Now, if the game is late and close, or tied and going into extra innings, the feeling is, "how long until the bullpen screws this one up."

Sunday, they made us wait around until the 12th inning before cracking. Fortunately, last night, they got it over with quick. And just to spare any drama or leave anyone any need to stick around, they've not just allowed the opponent to eke out the lead run, they've been letting them pour it on good and proper. In the past two games, the Mets bullpen has allowed 11 extra inning runs. That's 11 runs in 2 innings.

That's not just losing games. That's a full-scale meltdown, and each time it was basically left to one pitcher to figure his way out of it. And each time, it didn't happen. Ramon Ramirez couldn't  fix his own mess on Sunday. Called upon to work his way out of Tim Byrdak's mess on Monday, Pedro Beato not only gave up Byrdak's runs, but he let Washington pile another 4 runs on top of that. The end result is that the Mets are basically hanging around in games just long enough for the bullpen to get their heads beat in, which has been happening at a demoralizing rate.

This can't be as bad as 2008, because at least the putrid bullpen has all but assured that the Mets won't be in a pennant race to piss away.

Is there more to discuss on the matter of the bullpen? No? Good. I was hoping not, since I hate a) repeating myself, b) launching into more expletive-laden diatribes. In my younger, more wily days, perhaps, but now that I'm a crotchety old man, I find it easier to just launch into quick gripes.

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