Thursday, May 6, 2010

2-4 Forever

Didn't we just see this garbage?

At least on Wednesday afternoon, I didn't actually think that some ridiculous Reds retread would come up and hit the Game Winning HR. Which is probably why that's exactly what ended up happening.

These weekday afternoon games are always sort of strange, because instead of sitting in the comfort of my own home, listening to the game in my underwear*, I'm listening to the radio in my office. Usually, this means I've got people calling me, or talking to me, or my boss is yelling for something, or someone needs a cookie, or whatever. Point is, there's usually some kind of distraction going on, so I can't pay the kind of attention I'd like to pay to the matter at hand. Even if there's someone in my office who happens to be a Baseball fan, it usually ends up with some sort of baseball-related discussion that ends up distracting me from the game.

That's not to say that I'm 100% locked in to games when I'm listening at home, but at least when I'm at home, my distractions are caused by my own volition, and not by someone asking me to turn a printer on.

Point is, usually, when the Mets have games like this, and I'm listening in my office, it's sometimes difficult for me to grok what's going on in the game, so things tend to get lost. I knew that Johnny Cueto sort of lost the plate in the 3rd inning, when the Mets scored, and I also knew that Jon Niese was dancing in and out of trouble as per usual. From what I could gather, Niese seemed to be a bit more hittable than usual, but I didn't really notice until he started giving up HRs. I didn't realize until later that he'd given up a whopping 12 hits in his 6 innings of work. Niese has been very good at getting the key outs when he needs them most, but that's bordering ridiculous. 4 runs isn't great, but it seems like he was pretty fortunate to have escaped only allowing the 4.

But, the Mets fought back.

But, as usual, the Mets couldn't get that key hit when one could have tilted the game in their favor.

But, Hisanori Takahashi (the Anti-Ken) pitched magnificently once again, keeping the game tied.

But, Feliciano came in in the 10th, and gave up the leadoff HR to Cabrera, and that was the end of that.

Fittingly, I had no idea who was up, only that I heard "And a high drive..." and some cheers, which is pretty self-explanatory, you don't need to know who hit it, only that it went out in a situation like that.

So, the Mets come back home after yet another 2-4 road trip that seems to have undone a lot of the good will generated by the 9-1 homestand. Is this how the season is going to go?

*Note: I don't always listen to the game in my underwear. It's just good to say that for dramatic effect.

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