Thursday, October 16, 2008

Worst Case Scenario

For a fan base that was already disillusioned and frustrated, and more or less fed-up with the manner in which the team has been run, the events of last night are, I suppose, just another kick in the ass for the Mets fan. But let's face it. Just when you thought we'd reached a low as Mets fans...
This just makes it worse.

Meanwhile, we're buying bricks and pumping oodles of dollars into the pockets of two fools who have no idea what the hell to do with it.

I'm waiting to hear what sort of damage control comes out of this. I'm sure it's going to be the same asshole arguments we've been getting all season. Well, you know, we beat the Phillies 11 out of 18 times this season! We won a lot of games in their ballpark! As Mets fans, we should know better than to cite regular season results once the postseason starts. Right now, we could have beaten the Phillies 18 out of 18 and it wouldn't mean a damn thing. I don't want to hear how we think we're better than them. This morning, the Philadelphia Phillies are in the World Series. The place we seemed to think we were good enough to get to. Where are we this morning? We're buying fucking bricks.

I don't think we're the better team. And I'm not sure this is going to change.

Thanks, Freddie. Thanks a lot.

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