Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bad Rerun

I tried to watch some of last night's Mets game, but for some reason, SNY had decided to show a re-run of a game from last September, although for some reason, they had dubbed in the Chicago Cubs for the Washington Nationals. The Mets appeared to look and play the same.

So much for my thinking that the Cubs would take it easy.

If this post seems somewhat disjointed, don't worry, it's just that the Mets have made me a complete basket case, so my thoughts, although formed and fully valid, just don't seem to want to connect very well to each other.

I guess this officially makes Jonathan Niese the Philip Humber for 2008. At least he wasn't sitting out in the bullpen for the past 3 weeks wondering if he'd get a chance at all. I did have higher hopes for him last night, and he certainly seemed to start out well enough before the roof caved in in the 4th and he gave up a grand slam to the opposing pitcher.

It's OK, Jonathon. You're not even the first Mets pitcher to do that this season. But your timing wasn't so good.

After the game, there was too much positive thinking going on, particularly from the hosts on WFAN, Steve Somers and Tony Paige. I know that that's sort of their job, to calm everyone down, but there are arguments that they make that are just asinine, and actually ended up making me feel worse.

1) "It's a different team."
Only in the sense that Johan Santana is going to take the ball every 5th day, as opposed to yet another question mark. Otherwise, it's mostly the same team. Oh, sure, there may be some new faces out there, but they pretty much amount to the same thing as last year, same thing as two years ago. The hitters don't seem to hit when it matters most, and the Bullpen...#!$^^#%&(^*U!#$*^!_#$^%* &* #$^%_*(%.

2) "They still have a one-game lead in the Wildcard with 6 games to go."
What the hell kind of thing is that to say? Last year, at the same time, the Mets had a 2 GAME LEAD ON PHILLY FOR THE DIVISION! AND WE ALL KNOW HOW THAT TURNED OUT!!!

3) "You know, if the game were only 7 innings long..."
Now, this argument just upsets me. It's also a complete and total asshole thing to say. Fine. If the game were 6 innings, the Mets would have a 11 1/2 game lead, and if the game were 7 innings, the Mets would have a 6 1/2 game lead. But, guess what!? THE GAME IS NOT, NOR HAS IT EVER BEEN 7 INNINGS LONG! WHAT'S THE POINT OF BRINGING THIS UP? TO MAKE US EVEN CRAZIER?

Philly continues to stampede, which is apparently their M.O. come September. They know how to finish things off. The Mets? I'm not particularly confident in their chances right now. I got my playoff tickets in the mail yesterday, and I have a sick, sad feeling that I'm not going to get to use them. Again.

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