Saturday, March 15, 2008

Clearing the Air

I have been getting e-mails about this from friends all day today, so I felt I should address the matter in a public statement.

It's always a little weird when someone with whom you share a name ends up receiving some sort of notoriety. I've been aware of Jon Weber, the Minor League Outfielder for several years, as he's bounced around between Oakland, LA, Arizona and now Tampa Bay. On Wednesday, some news bits began to break about Weber having a fairly decent shot, with the injury problems of Rocco Baldelli, to make the Rays as a backup Outfielder. There's a real nice story in the Bradenton Herald about Weber and his grandmother. He seems like a nice guy, even if he's never managed to make the Major Leagues in 10 seasons. He even managed to sneak his way onto a baseball card, in the 2006 Bowman set. I have the card. It can be yours, too, for the price of 40 cents.

On Thursday, Weber strengthened his chances of making the Rays when he hit his first HR of the spring off of Bartolo Colon. This was followed by a post on the DRaysBay Blog begging the question, "Who is Jon Weber?"

Most people have no idea. Many more will still have no idea, even if he makes the team.

But I just wanted to clear the air and let everyone know, it's not me. Jon Weber of the Rays is a few inches taller, a year older, a native of Lakewood, CA, and bats and throws lefty.

Jon Weber of The Ballclub, a native of New York, NY, hasn't played Baseball since High School, although he's been known to participate in a softball game every now and then. And he wasn't ever what you would consider a Major or Minor league talent. You're more likely to see him on stage than on the Ballfield (though you will often find him near a ballfield in Queens between the months of April and September). But he can switch-hit, and throws righty. And he hasn't been writing under a pseudonym for the past several years to hide his Pro Baseball Career.

I felt that this should be made clear before more people get confused. I certainly wish Jon Weber well. I hope he makes the Rays and sticks around. And if this other Jon Weber somehow has a closeted desire for Theater, well, maybe we can switch places someday.

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