Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Choose the Lost Classic!

In the interest of getting back to the roots of The Ballclub, and providing some new Lost Classic games for the upcoming season, I'd like to put the decision into the hands of the loyal readers. There are a large number of games that I have in mind for some Lost Classics, but I'm not sure which ones to choose. So, let's have a vote! Which games would you like to read about? I'll offer up 4 games each from 3 separate seasons that I have somewhat fond memories of, and let you decide. The winners will, of course, have their own Lost Classic writeup. So, here goes:

Yes, I've been on a big 1998 kick lately. Perhaps because it's the 10th Anniversary. Perhaps it's because of the acquisition of Piazza. Perhaps it's something else. But here's 4 games I think are worthy of Lost Classics.

1) June 8, 1998 - Mets 3, Devil Rays 0. Rick Reed retires the 1st 20 Devil Rays in order before allowing a hit. Mike Piazza hits his 1st HR as a Met at Shea.

2) August 1, 1998 - Mets 2, Dodgers 1. Matt Franco belts a PH HR off of Jeff Shaw in the last of the 9th.

3) August 4, 1998 - Mets 7, Giants 6. Lenny Harris draws a walk-off walk in the bottom of the 10th.

4) September 16, 1998 - Mets 4, Astros 3. Mike Piazza's 9th inning HR off Wagner temporarily gives the Mets the lead, Hundley's final HR as a Met in the 11th wins it.

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1) May 5, 2004 - Mets 8, Giants 2. Piazza breaks the record for HRs by a Catcher.

2) July 2, 2004 - Mets 11, Yankees 2. Kaz Matsui hits 2 HRs off Mike Mussina, putting the Mets on the way to sweeping the Yankees.

3) July 15, 2004 - Mets 3, Phillies 2. Ty Wigginton gets the walk-off hit in the 11th inning.

4) September 14, 2004 - Mets 7, Braves 0. Kris Benson's finest Met moment.

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1) April 22, 1997 - Mets 7, Reds 2. Rick Reed's coming out party.

2) May 13, 1997 - Mets 4, Astros 3. Butch Huskey wins the game with a mammoth 7th inning HR.

3) June 3, 1997 - Mets 2, Expos 1. Bobby Jones outduels Pedro Martinez.

4) June 14, 1997 - Mets 5, Red Sox 2. Mark Clark takes a No-Hitter into the 8th inning and hits a HR.

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Happy Voting, everybody!

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Jon said...

I tried to vote using Mac/Safari, but it wouldn't let me. Firefox worked OK though. I preferred 97 to 98 but 98 was good too. The whole 97-99 thing was great, in fact.