Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I wonder if that phrase will replace "THEY ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE!" as the ridiculous, sports-related, oft-repeated all-purpose nonsensical phrase in American vernacular.

21 times, Brian McNamee parroted this phrase onto Roger Clemens' tape recorder, as he probably stood by and stared at his lawyers, asking for what he should say next.

I have no idea why I'm paying this story so much mind. Perhaps I'm just waiting for Clemens to be exposed as the liar and the fraud we know he is. Maybe I just endless possibilities in the humor of the situation.

We learned nothing from the Clemens/McNamee tape, other than Brian McNamee is a pretty pitiful character. But Clemens never challenged him, and McNamee never confessed to anything. The Press conference was even more ridiculous. Clemens behaved like a petulant child, told the Hall of Fame Voters to stick their votes where the Sun don't shine and then stomped off.

How the hell do you call your own Press Conference, and then get mad and storm out? That just slays me to the point where I wonder if he staged it. His anger seems forced, almost false. In reality, if he doesn't care about his legacy, and he doesn't care about the records, and his career accomplishments, and the Hall of Fame, why is he even out there? If all that matters is his health, why is he shelling out all this money for conferences and lawyers and poorly-shot YouTube videos proclaiming his innocence to a world that really doesn't believe him.

Somewhere, I picture Mike Piazza. Mike Piazza is sitting at home, perhaps in Florida, perhaps in Manhattan, by himself. He's sitting on his couch, with a giant bowl of popcorn, watching this madness on TV. He sits there grinning, laughing his ass off as this circus continues to unfold.

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