Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Let's get it Done!

Yes, I just shamelessly used the Citibank slogan to describe my feelings about the Johan Santana trade.

The scenarios and proposals involving Santana have pretty much been talked about to death, without anything being even remotely close to a done deal. But as it stands right now, it would appear that the Mets are in prime position to land what would easily be the crown jewel of their rotation.

Yesterday, I was listening to Mike & the Mad Dog, and in a rare break from the Giants Tsunami, provided their two cents in regards to Santana. They had mentioned that while January has been all Giants talk, they expect that February is going to be Johan, Johan, Johan. And why not? With word flying around that the Twins want a deal done within the next 10 days, with Pitchers and Catchers set to report around February 15th, a deal ought to be done, lest the Twins risk going into the season with their star pitcher sure to walk away for nothing following the 2008 season.

According to Francesa, the Mets don't seem to have much competition. He believes that while the Twins are trying desperately to get the Yankees and Red Sox involved in one of their Reagan-esque Arms Race battles for Santana, neither team is interested. Neither team wants to give up their prospects. He seems firm in his belief that Santana will indeed go to the Mets, if the Twins can get off of Reyes. Although I haven't seen anything in the press to this end, Francesa insists that the Twins are indeed still stuck on receiving Jose Reyes in return for Johan. If that's the deal breaker, well, so be it. I believe the Mets offer currently stands at Carlos Gomez, Deolis Guerra, Kevin Mulvey and Philip Humber. The Twins would like Fernando Martinez, but that has been another sticking point with Omar. Omar, however, wasn't available to speak to Francesa or Russo about this because he has been on vacation in Israel.

Russo said it, and then he said it a few more times. "The Mets Have to get Santana. The Fans are SCREAMING for Santana!" Especially the way last season played out, they're right.

It reminds me of that week in May, 1998, after the Dodgers had dealt Piazza to the Marlins, and Steve Phillips said he wouldn't deal for him while the punchless Mets were drawing crowds of 15,000 a night. Phillips pulled the trigger for Piazza that Friday, and two seasons later, the Mets were in the World Series.

Same situation. The Mets right now, are in prime position to land the ace of ace pitchers, move him to the pitching-dominated National League, in a spacious ballpark (the dimensions of Citi Field to be determined) and basically setting him up to succeed by sticking him next to one of the best pitchers in Baseball History, on a team that has a playoff-worthy core already in place. Omar needs to get himself back from Israel and get his ass in gear to ensure that Johan Santana is the Mets starting pitcher on March 31st in Florida. If the Twins can't lure the Yanks or Sox into this and the current deal is done, great. If it takes throwing in Fernando Martinez, DO IT. I DON'T CARE! GET THIS DEAL DONE!

Twins ask for last offers, with decision coming soon [ESPN.com]

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