Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Omar's Thanksgiving Present

You know it's a big deal when I am interrupting my own vacation to write, so, Live, from the Cleveland bureau of The Ballclub, we are most happy to welcome Johnny Estrada to the New York Mets (Or as Joe Buck would say, "JOHNNY ESTRADA, WELCOME TO NEW YORK!").

And what a turn of events this has been, beginning with the non-signing of Torrealba (Yorvit, we hardly knew ye), followed almost immediately by the rumors surrounding David Eckstein, which was then made moot by the re-signing of Luis Castillo (perhaps for two years too long, but I'd rather have Castillo than Eckstein), and finally culminating with this most glorious of trades. For not only are we bringing in a very solid performer in Johnny Estrada, who has proven himself as a quality offensive and defensive backstop, but doubly good because the Mets were able to rid themselves of Guillermo Mota in the process. So, basically, the Mets have just is killed two birds with one stone! Not only do they now have a catcher who is better and younger than the guy they let go (LoDuca), and far better than the one they tried to bring in (Torrealba), they've also fixed a major hole in their bullpen by trading away their least reliable pitcher. I'm not sure what Doug Melvin was thinking about, but if he likes what he saw in Mota, well, he's more than welcome to him. I wish him the best. Actually, no, I don't. Good Riddance, Guillermo!

As The Artist formerly known as El Guapo said, "It's a Minayacle!"

Mets get catcher Estrada from Brewers for Mota [ESPN.com]

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