Monday, August 31, 2015

Lots To Say To Each Other

I was out of town for the weekend and didn't actually see either of Saturday's or Sunday's games, so basically all I know is what I was able to dig up on my phone, which was easier said than done because I was in a location where phone service was, at best, iffy.

So, here's what I think I figured out. On Saturday, Jacob deGrom pitched well enough to win, except that he had one bad inning where Boston touched him up a little bit, while on the other side the Mets could do nothing against Joe Kelly or his goggles because Kelly was a Cardinals prospect and the Mets just have no luck against Cardinals prospects Past or Present. The Mets drop a 3-1 decision in front of what I can assume was a crowd similar to the one I was privy to on Friday.

Sunday, Noah Syndergaard gamely battles into the 7th inning before David Ortiz reaches him for an 800 foot Home Run that ties a game where the Mets had to really scuffle to get the 4 runs they'd managed up to that point, but the Mets once again get back to scuffling and when Michael Cuddyer singled in the last of the 7th inning, Daniel Murphy scuffled home with the lead run and the Mets ultimately survived to win 5-4, in spite of the fact that Jeurys Familia had what I might describe as a John Franco 9th inning. Yes, Familia got himself into and out of trouble but for whatever reason after the game most of the Red Sox buried their heads up his ass. It's always nice to draw praise from your opponents, but it seems like maybe Boston was a little over the top. Who knows. David Ortiz seemed to have a lot to say all weekend. Lord only knows what he and Daniel Murphy had to say to each other here. I'm sure it was a regular laugh riot. A Republican and a Dominican walk into a bar...

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