Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Tuesday night was another night I was out for some work function that required my attention and thus I arrived home just as the Mets and Cardinals were heading into the 8th inning. However, when I turned on the TV and the scorebug read STL 10 NYM 2, I was immediately revolted and filled with a desire to turn the TV back off. But for some reason, I didn't, electing instead to watch the final two lifeless innings of a game that was over before I ever had a chance to turn it on. I have to ask myself why. Is it because I wasn't subjected to Jon Niese having an entire game consisting of Jon Niese innings, and therefore the general disgust hadn't yet hit me? Was it because I just wanted to come home and watch some Baseball after a long day at work? Or had my mind simply turned completely to sawdust and at that point in the day, anything would have looked good? Whatever it was, I watched my two innings of baseball, and that's really the only worthwhile thing I have to say about this game

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