Wednesday, April 8, 2015

One Day Late

So, after missing all of Monday's game because I was at work, I had the idea that I'd come home and watch the game. Generally, I don't make much of a fuss of trying to see games I'm not able to watch live, but Opening Day is obviously a special case. I had set the DVR to record the Pregame show, the Pre-Pregame show, and an hour on the end in case things ran long. Knowing how things turned out before I got home, I was raring to go to revel in the glory of the Mets and their spotless record. My other half had some other things in mind. After a busy weekend (which included performances of my critically acclaimed production, GREAT KILLSnow in its final weekend), we had a few days of TV to catch up on. We missed Saturday Night Live, and the season premiere of Mad Men, and the evening just got away from me, and I didn't get to see the game.

Tuesday was heading down the same path. We arrived home around the same time, and dinner was involved, and my other half wanted to watch some Three's Company, but finally, I was able to wrest control of things and watch the Mets Opening Day affair. Obviously, I wasn't disappointed. I hadn't had a chance to watch more than one or two Spring Training games and those are kind of dumbed-down broadcasts anyway. Often, Gary, Keith and Ron aren't on those games, and the Steve Gelbs/Jim Duquette tandem leaves a lot to be desired (I am already on record as voicing my disdain of the virtually unlistenable Duquette), so Opening Day is really the first time we get to hear GK&R in anger, just as it was the first time we were able to see the Mets in anger.

It's somewhat fleeting, though. Because of work and other commitments, Monday's game is probably the only game I'll get to watch at all, except for assorted highlights. Tonight, I have a show, Thursday's game is in the afternoon, and then I'm pre-empted by shows all weekend. Then, the Mets come home, and I'll be in attendance at Citi Field for the opener on Monday, and then again on Tuesday for the Return of Harvey, so it's going to be at least a week before I get to watch another game on SNY or any other network. Fear not, however, I'll do my best to sort of get the gist of things and try to give some vaguely well-informed opinions on the state of things.

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