Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Undercard

Sunday's Mets/Reds finale was sort of lost for me, a bit of a prelude to the 49ers season opener at 4pm, but if nothing else, the Mets proved to be a worthy appetizer to the Sports day in the Mets2Moonodrome.

I was flicking back and forth between the Mets and the Jets, and while the Jets sort of muddled around and did Jet-like things, the Mets rode the coattails of Zack Wheeler and the timely Sunday Hitting of Anthony Recker to a 4-3 victory and a series win in Cincinnati, where the Reds seemed generally disinterested in competing in Major League Baseball games for a majority of the weekend (true, they won on Saturday, but the Mets refused to hit at all after their 14-run outburst Friday night so sometimes things happen in spite of themselves).

This appeared for a majority of the game like a replay of Saturday. Mat Latos and his annoying pitching motion kept the Mets off the scoreboard through the early part of the game. Wheeler was game to match him until the 5th inning when Skip Schumaker, who's still kicking around the NL Central, singled home Latos with the game's first run. Fortunately, the Mets struck back with 3 in the 6th, thanks mostly to Billy Hamilton pulling a Tony Womack and dropping Wilmer Flores' lazy fly to center. Curtis Granderson followed with a game-tying hit, and then Anthony Recker, in his token Sunday start, did what he is wont to do on certain afternoon games once a month or so and hit a monstrous 2-run Home Run that put the Mets ahead for good.

Granderson followed with a solo Home Run in the 8th that put the Mets up 4-1, and it turned out to be a good thing he did that, because Jenrry Mejia had himself a devil of a 9th inning, giving up a Home Run to meaty Outfielder Jay Bruce and allowing a few more men on before Todd Frazier grounded out to end the game. Or did he. After a replay challenge by Bryan Price (another one of those Reds managers that time forgot, in a similar vein to Jerry Narron or Dave Miley) that involved a good 3 and a half minutes of standing around staring into space wondering if the game was over, Frazier was ruled safe at 1st, and the inning continued with the bases loaded. One couldn't help but flash back to Mejia's meltdown in Philadelphia a few weeks ago, particularly with the newly-anointed All Star Devin Mesoraco at the plate. Fortunately, Mejia reset himself and rather than taking anything to chance, simply struck Mesoraco out to finish affairs and close out the victory, and allow me to flip back over to Football for the remainder of the afternoon. But that game is another story for another blog post.

For the Mets, it's back home to Citi Field for the season's penultimate homestand. How time flies. I'll be out there tomorrow night to see the Colorados. Hopefully, this won't be another Meltdown-inducing affair.

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