Sunday, September 8, 2013

Forgotten Games

The Mets played a pair of games in Cleveland over the weekend that will more than likely be mostly forgotten by most Mets fans, whether they witnessed them or not. I, for one, did not witness much of either game, and therefore there isn't much I can say about them.

I was out for a good chunk of the afternoon/evening on Saturday, and although I knew about the somewhat odd 6:05 start time, I didn't bother following along on my phone when the game eventually did start. This was just as well since the Indians bombarded Jonathon Niese for 5 runs in the 1st inning and pretty much went from there. The Mets reportedly played terribly and then when they made a spirited effort to get back into the game, Scott Atchison let Cleveland put it out of reach. I know about this part because I clicked the game on just as I got home, which was just in time to see Scott Atchison grousing around the pitcher's mound and the scorebug reading NYM 4, CLE 9, and hearing Gary Cohen using his despondent voice. That was the story and that was the final, and I feel I missed nothing.

Sunday, I got myself sucked into the Jets game for a majority of the afternoon as sort of a comical undercard to the 49ers game, which was scheduled for 4:25. I knew the Mets game was on, and I knew Daisuke Matsuzaka was pitching, and I sort of took for granted that disaster was imminent. Also, when I finally clicked over to the Mets, which was about 2:10pm, I half expected to see the scorebug read NYM 0, CLE 4 in the bottom of the 2nd, and I was surprised to not only see that the Mets were winning, but it was the 4th inning. However, the game clearly slowed down considerably from there, because by time I clicked back, it was about 3:30pm and the game was in the 7th, now tied 1-1. I clicked over again when the Jets game ended, and I saw that it was the bottom of the 8th, still 1-1, and Frank Francisco on the mound with and the bases loaded. I figured disaster was imminent, and shut it off. By this time, the 49ers game was about to start and so I figured I'd get a buzz on my phone when the game ended. But the buzz never came. Around 5pm, I flipped back over to SNY to see what was up. Now, I figured, the game must have gone into extra innings. But there were Gary Apple and Bob Ojeda sitting there talking about Frank Francisco's "Great job." It seems that not only did Francisco get out of the inning, but he also got the win thanks to Eric Young, Jr getting the game winning hit in the 9th. Go figure.

A 2-1 game that took 3 hours, 43 minutes to complete. I was watching the Jets somehow fall ass-backwards into a victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers while most of this game was going on. That was pretty bad, although I have to say that our good friend Kevin Burkhart did an outstanding job announcing the game on Fox. But for as painful as the Jets game might have been, it can't possibly have been as excruciating as a 3 hour, 43 minute game where only 3 runs crossed the plate.
Please correct me if I'm mistaken.

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