Monday, December 10, 2007

Rehashing Things We Already Knew About The Mets (in 18 point font)

This morning's article by Bob Klapisch on basically tells us everything we needed to know about the Mets postseason pursuits.

Unless you've been living in a cave, or someplace where there is no Sports Media readily available to you, everything Klapisch has to say is probably not news to you.

Klapisch breaks down the Mets biggest problems in the following order:
1) Big-time starting pitcher
2) Bullpen Help
3) Catcher
4) Right Field

Soooo...was this unclear to anyone? No? Was it unclear last month? How about at the end of the World Series? How about September 30th?

These problems were pretty clear going back as far as the trading deadline last season, and some of them were evident at the beginning of June! Klapisch's article might have been better titled "OBVIOUS PROBLEMS WITH THE METS." The Mets have made some strides to address these problems, dealing Mota was obvious addition by subtraction, but others (read: Milledge) have been outright puzzling.

So now, the talk has turned to what, if anything, the Mets can do to bring in one of these sexy starting pitchers we've been talking about, most notably Johan Santana. The Mets, amazingly, appear to remain alive in the chase to bring Johan aboard, and they can certainly afford to pony up if they are somehow able to piece together the chips for him.

I know Omar is out there trying, although his logic sometimes baffles me. And I know he's trying to put together the pieces that shattered at the end of the season. But it's still frustrating, for me and for all Mets fans, having to deal with all this time passing and no obvious sign of anything productive happening for the Mets.

I'm sick of hearing about it. We're all sick of hearing about it. The nucleus of this team got to within an inning of the World Series in 2006, and 2 years later it's turned into this horrible mishmash of retreads and noodle-arms. It can happen that quick, I guess. But there's too much talent here to let waste away with a mediocre supporting cast.

Landing a big-time ace would help allay Mets' doubts []

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