Monday, September 10, 2007

Out For Blood

With a pair of Ballclub Nights at Shea coming up tonight and tomorrow, I had this faint hope that somehow Pedro would be held back an extra day and start tonight's game against Atlanta. I had no such luck on that front, however El Guapo and I will get the return of El Duque tomorrow evening.

With Atlanta coming into town reeling, and the Mets primed to pull away in the East, these next six games will pretty much tell us everything we need to know. Should the Mets continue their strong play, the race for the Division could very well be put to bed by the end of the day on Sunday. The Mets are rolling right now, having posted sweeps in two of their last 3 series. Atlanta seems to have gone in the other direction since the Mets put them on the mat in Atlanta over Labor Day weekend. Another series like this, and the Braves should be buried completely.

It's no secret that we at The Ballclub cannot stand the Braves, and want them to suffer the indignities that they had inflicted on us so many times in the past. As the final games of the two seven-packs we purchased before the season fall tonight and tomorrow evening, we are licking our chops. We want blood. We want to see them fall and fall hard. We want to wipe that smug grin off of Andro Jones' face. We want Larry to go home and put his Falcons shit on. We want to eat Bobby Cox's children!

OK, maybe that's a little much. But while it would be great to sweep the Braves and kick them in the nuts, 2 of 3 is all that is needed. Just keep playing well, and Just keep Winning.

Magic Number: 15.

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