Friday, February 9, 2007

Eastward Ho!

This is the sort of signing that sums up the Mets' offseason when it comes to pitching. A mediocre (7-7, 4.81 ERA) veteran to throw in the mix with other vets and the young guys.

But if that sounds like a complaint, it's not. Don't let anyone tell you the Mets blew it this offseason with free agent pitchers. They bid handsomely on Dice-K, but no one was going to get within leagues of what the Red Sox put down. And as far as Zito is concerned, they were right to pass. It isn't so much the money as the years. Seven years is too long for all but the most special (and young) players, it's not for the guys who are good, but only commanding that attention because they're the best who happen to be on the market.

Chan Ho is not likely to give the Mets much of anything. This isn't really about him. The strategy is the right one.

Chan Ho Park reaches deal with Mets [AP/Yahoo Sports]

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